Things you must know before you enter a casino

Online casino experience is very different from the feel of gambling in a brick and mortar structure that is lively, vibrant and happening. The whole ambiance is addictive and inviting. Though originally casinos were meant to help you make money not everyone makes money;atleast in dishonest and ill-reputed casinos. But there are several Casinos like us who keep all their dealings transparent and ensure all games are conducted honestly an fairly. Customer satisfaction is of prime importance.If you wish to experience the euphoria of real-world gambling step into a casino only after knowing the few things listed below.

You are constantly watched

Modern casinos are equipped with surveillance cameras. Every single table game is covered. You can never find out which camera is watching you. All these videos can be reviewed at will. Therefore, never make the mistake of thinking no one is watching you and play unfairly or cheat.

It is not profitable to run casinos

Unlike the common belief that casinos roll in money while their guests often go back empty handed, casinos lose money; a quarter of it atleast on their guests. There are several overhead costs like:o Maintenance: Maintaining the property which includes the proper functioning of the slot machines, the lighting,plumbing, air conditioning and the upholstery. To bring back clientele time and again each casino spends substantially on the proper functioning of its Slot games with Free Slots Central and the electronic display panels. The management ensures that their chillers are working at an optimal level and not affected by the high volume of lighting.

The other maintenance issues include training of staff, furniture maintenance, air purifying and compliance with the safety and security regulations. Preventive maintenance and inspections also costs money.o Complimentary Gifts: The other bleeder for casinos is the complimentary gifts dished out to guests. To remain competitive and attract more clients each casino has to give better gifts and freebies to guests. To do this casino sign up new members to their player’s club. Once you become a member you are eligible to free meals, rooms, and dozens of other attractive gifts. Most of the guests are shrewd and gamble only enough to be eligible for the freebies. Especially, experienced blackjack players benefit the maximum as they play strategically and earn the maximum gifts with minimum losses.

You can get arrested There is a casino etiquette which cannot be overlooked. You must follow the rules or risk being thrown out or even jailed. The language used in the casino is always monitored and those using the forbidden word will be ticked off by the floor supervisor. Do not argue or resist any of the floor supervisors.

If you win too much you will have to stop playing

It is a rarity to see someone win continuously but if anyone does, the casino has the right to prevent them from playing further. The floor managers constantly survey the various games and identify the frequent winner. As it is unfair to the rest and results in disinterest at a particular table, the frequent winners are barred from playing specific games.

You can fight for your rights Just because a casino has some rules and has the power to remove you from their premises, you are not at a disadvantage. In case you feel you are cheated you can call the Gaming Control and lodge a complaint against the casino. All legitimate issues are dealt with efficiently and justly. For other trivial matters approach the casino manager. Be polite and honest; bad behavior will not be tolerated and your grievance will not be addressed.

You don’t have to carry your winnings in cash

In the event you win a jackpot then you will receive asubstantial amount of cash. It is not only unsafe but also cumbersome to carry a large amount of cash. The best alternative is to ask for a check. Most casinos are accommodating and they can even give you half your earning in cash and the other half in check.

Photo ID is a must

You must carry a valid photo ID card at all times in a casino. In fact, to gain entrance you must show your ID card which will prove your age and eligibility for gambling and drinking. Without a photo ID, you cannot collect your winnings if any. Your social security card is also a valid identification.With these pointers in mind enter any casino. Remember, Casinos are not your enemies; especially honest casinos like us hope all our clients keep winning and be happy. It is only happy customers who come back and bring more clients.